MACH 300

Mach 300 Series

Waterjet Cutting Machine

  • The Mach 300 promises reliable performance tailored to your needs. This pragmatic and efficient waterjet system integrates advanced Flow waterjet technology into a compact package, minimising both shop floor footprint and investment.


  • Maximizing Productivity: Designed for high productivity, the Mach 300 features Dynamic Waterjet technology, offering efficient and precise cut parts. With compact design options and rapid installation, the Mach 300 waterjet cutting machine simplifies the waterjet process.


  • Support and Safety: Our world-class support ensures productivity and reliability. The Mach 300 waterjet cutting machine comes standard with safety light curtains, while our certified technicians stand ready to provide timely assistance.


  • Cutting-Edge Technology: The Mach 300 offers multiple cutting head options:
  1. Pure Waterjet: An ultra-thin stream, perfect for soft materials.
  2. Standard Abrasive Waterjet: Uses garnet abrasive for cutting virtually any hard material.


  • Powerful Pumps: Mach 300’s pump control is handled at the machine tool control, integrating seamlessly into the system.
  1. HyPlex® Prime: The industry’s most advanced direct drive pump, operating at 60,000 psi.
  2. Intensifier: A robust, low-maintenance ultrahigh-pressure pump, also operating at 60,000 psi.


  • Software Suites: The Mach 300 waterjet cutting machine utilizes user-friendly Flow software suites for swift programming, adaptable to any material or thickness.
  1. FlowPath™: Inputs basic cutting parameters to automate the process.
  2. FlowNest®: Enables efficient geometric nesting for smaller parts within larger ones.
  3. FlowXpert® 2016: Streamlines 3D operations.
  4. FlowCut™: Integrates the operation of the pump, cutting head, and XY cutting table.


  • Choose the Mach 300 for a compact, powerful, and efficient waterjet solution.