MACH 500

Mach 500 Series

Waterjet Cutting Machine

The Mach 500 stands as a beacon of productivity, defined by its speed, precision, and versatility. Supported by an all-encompassing service program, the Mach 500’s adaptability sets it apart in the waterjet industry, ready to mold itself to your specific needs.

  • State-of-the-Art Design

Constructed on the pillars of user-centric design, groundbreaking research, and valuable customer feedback, the Mach 500 takes the lead in delivering swift, precise waterjet solutions. Its design is oriented towards optimal production, offering an unparalleled experience.

  • Unrivaled Precision

Thanks to its innovative architecture, leading-edge ultrahigh-pressure technology, and precision motion systems, the Mach 500 surpasses its peers in both speed and accuracy. When teamed up with Dynamic XD and Compass, it remains in a league of its own.

  • Fluid Movement

The Mach 500 incorporates the best components from esteemed machine tool manufacturers, ensuring rapid and precise motion control. Combined with advanced software, it delivers the quickest, most precise cuts in the industry.

  • Solid Infrastructure

Mach 500 is rooted in Flow’s pioneering work in ultrahigh-pressure pump technology, cutting head technology, and advanced wrist articulation, underpinned by industry-leading software.

  • Service Commitment

With the Mach 500 waterjet cutting machine, you gain not just a machine, but a dedicated partner in Flow. We set the industry benchmark with the Mach Series, providing holistic solutions that include system, software, service, and support.

Customization Options

We offer an array of combinations, allowing for direct integration of the perfect solution into your production line.