Episode 2 – Aluminium Double Head Cutting Saw for Window and Facade

#EMMEGI was first establish in Modena, Italy. After 50 years of experience and growth, Emmegi’s expand its business to over 11 hub worldwide, also achieving a growth of 450 employees and has a turnover of over 114million annually. These has led Emmegi’s to become the leading Aluminium and PVC processing machinery manufacturer in the world.

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🚩 All you need to know on this Double Head Cutting Saw features and specification, from machine features to cutting head capabilities

🚩 Extended Cut features and demonstration.

🚩 Auto Cut features and demonstration.

🚩 Why Emmegi’s software is so user-friendly to operate the machine.

🚩 Emmegi’s expertise and customer feedback.

✅ Speaker: Mr Ong