Episode 3 – Select the Correct Laser Consumable, Improves Laser Cutting Quality

One of the core components in a Laser Cutting Machine is the laser cutting head, the cutting head act as a heart of a laser cutting machine and it is form up by few components such as nozzle, ceramic and lens. Choosing the correct laser consumables will be depending on what type of materials you are going to process with your laser cutting machine.

Sharing with you:

🚩 Few main components in a laser cutting head

🚩 The Differences and uses of single nozzle and double nozzle

🚩 Choosing the right nozzle for your cutting materials and gas uses for different type of nozzle

🚩 How you differentiate type of lens in a laser cutting head

🚩 How to easily install nozzle and ceramic to your cutting head

🚩 How Hasil Karya handle our laser consumable storage for better customer experience

✅ Speaker: Mr. Muhammad Rusdi Abdul Khalib